DOSmith timber purchasing policy and information..

What is DOSmith’s timber purchasing and use policy?
DOSmith & Sons Pty Ltd is committed to the sustainable management of forest resources. Due to the constantly changing logging restrictions both within Australia and overseas DOSmith & Sons Pty Ltd   is required to use a number of suppliers of quality raw and finished timber products. At all times DOSmith & Sons Pty Ltd attempts to verify suppliers use timbers that are part of sustainable managed forests, the following links provide polices and information regarding the sustainability of timbers purchased by DOSmith & Sons Pty Ltd from its suppliers.

Queensland Timber
IFA Policy statement
Tasmanian Timber
NSW Forests
Gunns WA
Cleaning maintenance for Timber slats 
It is recommended that the cleaning method for timber slat products is monthly or more often if necessary– please follow these guidelines:  
     - Remove all excess grime with a soft damp cloth. Stubborn marks can be removed using Johnson’s brand “View Quick” detergent product or similar.  
     - Timber slats may need to be re-coated every 6 to 12 months depending on environment. To keep timber finish looking good, you can apply furniture polish to the timber on a monthly basis if required.
Contact DOSmith for recommended finishes when recoating.

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